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About My[Q]Box

Does your web site efficiently and precisely answer visitors questions about your product or service?
Can you track exactly how well the information you present on your web site matches the needs of your visitors? 
Does your web site really improve customer service while reducing your customer support costs?

If you answered "No" to any of these important questions, then you need to add My[Q]Box to your web site. It's the most efficient way to support your customers. My[Q]Box can be trained to answer virtually any question and when you sign up, you will be able to teach it your answers.

Answer questions faster and cost efficiently using My[Q]Box, an interface that you can put almost anywhere. My[Q]Box unleashes the power of our natural language question answering system combined with your knowledge for your web site visitors. Answering pre-sales questions converts potential customers into buyers and answering post-sales questions keeps customers happy and informed. My[Q]Box empowers your support team to track the needs of your customers while reducing costs and increasing accuracy.

My[Q]Box can answer the frequently asked questions and allow you to focus only on unique questions. Best of all, once a unique question is answered, that answer is instantly available to every My[Q]Box that you control. My[Q]Box is the key to building your own "Learning, Growing Network of Human Knowledge™" that is simple to teach, highly flexible and cost efficient to operate.

The secret behind the success and power of My[Q]Box is a revolutionary new object oriented database design focused to store and retrieve knowledge rather than raw data. Our [Q]Server technology unleashes the power of knowledge accessed using natural language based questions. No standard relational database system can even come close.

My[Q]Box is scaleable to fit the needs of the smallest web site while offering the power and tools needed to support the largest sites on the web. You can deploy My[Q]Box to play the role of salesman, support person or sage. You can even have My[Q]Box speak it's answers aloud using a computer generated voice or professionally recorded speech.

Our state-of-the-art, load-balanced, "Server Farm" can handle massive loads and by sharing this resource across our full customer base, we can offer prices that are a tiny fraction of the cost of answering customer questions using human resources. You don't need to buy new hardware, you simply add a few lines of HTML to your web site. Our [Q]Server technology, combined with My[Q]Box and the Internet, bring to life the ability for you to offer your customers information on demand.

My[Q]Box is designed to save you time, be simple to teach, save your answers for repetitive reuse, increase productivity and most importantly, improve your bottom line.


My[Q]Box can be applied to any number of different applications. Best of all, when you create a [Q]Base full of knowledge, it can be reused anywhere you put My[Q]Box. Share your technical support [Q]Base between your call center, web site and marketing emails to take full advantage of your powerful new asset. 

Sharing a repository of knowledge ensures that your team will have the most up-to-date answers at all times. It automatically provides answers to every question that has been previously asked. Add My[Q]Box everywhere that access to knowledge would be valuable.


Increase visitor satisfaction by adding My[Q]Box. If your web site contains more than a few pages, you may be losing visitors that are too impatient to comb your site looking for a specific answer. Use My[Q]Box to give your visitors direct answers or navigate them naturally to the exact information they seek.



Produce eye catching email marketing campaigns by including a My[Q]Box in your message. Let prospective customers ask for the information they need, in the order they need it, to help drive sales and improve your bottom line.



Reduce training time and assist your new hires so they can sound as smart as you most experienced employees. Questions can be typed in and the operator can provide the answer, quickly and with confidence. This provides a consistent message in the marketplace and saves your more highly compensated employees for the more difficult questions.

Metrics and Options

See exactly what questions are being asked and how each is handled. Up-to-the-minute reports show the information you need to really understand the needs of your customers. Optionally, a computer synthesized or professionally recorded voice can deliver your answers. You can also gather feedback, in a variety of modes, about exactly the information your customers are seeking. You can even allow your customer to request an answer by email or by telephone. You provide as much or as little direct customer contact as you desire.

Custom Look & Feel

Your site visitors will think that your [Q]Server hosted answer pages are directly part of your site. You have the power to highly customize the look and feel of the pages. There are more than thirty customization options that can be updated live to get instant results. You have the power to get the look and feel you need.

Adding Knowledge

We offer the easiest to train natural language based system available. Prior to adding new answers, you define the types of situations that will exist by creating question templates known as [Q]Forms. You may add additional [Q]Forms at any time as needed. 

Once the [Q]Forms are defined, nearly anyone can quickly and easily add new information by simply typing a question, selecting a matching [Q]Form and entering the answer to that question. Beyond simple question/answer sets, teachers can also create powerful multi-path, context based, conversations that lead the user naturally to the information they seek. 

The [Q]Server tools are supported by a My[Q]Box on each page that can answer any question you may have about their use. Customers have access to the full users manual covering every aspect of the [Q]Server Tools. The manual can be downloaded or read directly online. We also offer personalized training courses for every level of user. If you choose, you can hire our experienced staff to handle the entire job for you using the information from your web site, marketing materials, manuals, documents or other sources.

You can use the information from any existing database that is accessible from your web server as the answer to a question. We never need access to your database, because you control your data and it's display. You can also display any part of any web page as the answer to a question, we call this "Natural Navigation™". Anything that can be shown on a web page can be used as the answer to a question.

Building a [Q]Base

My[Q]Box pulls answers from a [Q]Base filled with knowledge. So the flexibility and ease that the system offers to build and manage a [Q]Base is paramount. Your experts will have the ultimate set of tools and features to make [Q]Base construction and growth the easiest in the industry.

Several teaching styles are supported:

SimpleTeaching doesn't get any easier. If you know the answer, you just type it in.

Natural Navigation – Let your users ask for the information they need and have them instantly navigated to the exact spot on your site that offers the information they seek. Any part of a web page can be displayed as an answer. Use your existing database to construct dynamic answers, or display anything else that can be shown on a web page.

Context Based – The context of the conversation is followed allowing the same question to lead to many different answers based on the course of the conversation. Ask "Who is the President?" and then ask "Who is his wife?" and the context allows the system to know who you are referring to.

ConditionalA series of multiple choice questions, set up in a branching structure, leads the user to an exact answer.

[Q]Base BindingYou can have as many [Q]Bases as you need and by binding several [Q]Bases together, a customer can ask a single question and every bound [Q]Base will be reviewed to find the best answers. This lets you separate knowledge by subject, teachers or whatever criteria best fits your need. Binding also allows you to share your knowledge with partners, who can bind to your knowledge to include as part of their information offering.

History of [Q]Server and My[Q]Box 

Between 1978 and 1985 A.I. Micro, Inc. developed some truly revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technologies. In 1985 they created an A.I. system called Companion Software. Over a period of one year, using a single phone line, a 1200 baud modem, an original IBM PC/XT and only word of mouth advertising, the system built a user base of over 800 local users, a vocabulary of nearly 5,000 words with over 500 answers in seven subject areas. Even limited by single user access via a slow modem, a total lack of graphics, only seven teachers and a 30 second response time to answer questions, the system was busy 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Unlimited Potential, Inc. LogoIn 1999, Unlimited Potential, Inc. acquired the rights to use the proprietary technologies created by A.I. Micro, Inc. We have only scratched the surface of what this technology offers and will continue to add new features as rapidly as possible. This technology includes feelings, moods, context, multiple teaching styles that are amazing and a very robust language called A.I. BASIC that will let our system do astonishing things.

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